Welcome to A Minute For Caregivers RADIO SPOTS

“A Minute for Caregivers” is a collection of 1-minute Public Service Announcements designed specifically for radio stations and networks.

Why Use A Minute For Caregivers Radio Spots?

By airing “A Minute for Caregivers,” broadcasting companies can enrich their programming with vital, compassionate content that supports caregivers and healthcare professionals. These PSAs not only provide essential advice and encouragement to those caring for loved ones but also demonstrate your station’s commitment to community well-being. Enhance your public service offerings with these impactful segments, and help make a difference in the lives of millions of caregivers across the nation.

Available Radio Spots for Download

How to Integrate These Radio Spots into Your Broadcasts

To download “A Minute for Caregivers” 1-minute clips, simply click on the MP3 file links provided below. You can download each clip individually, or if you prefer access to the entire library, click on the provided link to send us a note. We will promptly provide you with the complete collection. These easy-to-download files ensure you can quickly and conveniently integrate valuable caregiving content into your programming.