As a caregiver myself, I recommend services that I personally use and trust for fellow caregivers. Each recommendation is based on my own experiences and the quality of the service provided. I didn’t have access to resources like these for the vast majority of my four decades as a caregiver—I had to forage for support. Now, by sharing what I know well, I ensure that fellow caregivers don’t have to struggle as I did. These recommendations represent my commitment to strengthen and equip my fellow caregivers.

Because…“Friends don’t let friends care—give alone!”

Featured Podcast

Kelly O’Connor

Kelly and Gracie grew up together, and Kelly is one of us. Not only does she have SIGNIFICANT caregiving experience, but look what she’s done with it.

With specialized certifications in Gerontology, Dementia Care, and Life Coaching and a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, Kelly brings over 14 years of dedicated experience. Having assisted nearly 2,000 individuals and their families, her insights are a treasure trove for those navigating the complexities of aging. Whether providing caregiver coaching or empowering older adults to embrace their next chapter, she offers compassionate guidance rooted in profound expertise. Join us as we delve into her wealth of knowledge and discover how she’s transforming lives one conversation at a time. Connect with her and explore the possibilities.

Dale Richardson

Taking “Healthy Caregivers Make Better Caregivers™”to heart, I pushed myself to lose weight. The last round of Gracie’s surgeries took a toll, and our long-time friend, Dale Richardson, coached me to drop forty pounds! 

How about you – are you ready to start getting healthier today? Today’s a great start, so reach out to my friend Dale. You are seconds away from launching a journey that will equip you “…to stay strong and healthy – as you care for someone who is not!”

Epiphany Creative Services

Are you struggling to get your business organized? Let me share with you who helped me. Meet Epiphany Creative Services—a national award-winning team! It would help if you had it; Epiphany can do it. From logos to websites, email newsletters to social media, brand management, brochures, and more, reach out to the team at Epiphany today—and tell them I sent you.

Kathy Harris

I’ve discovered many fellow caregivers harboring a story they want to tell – there own, or a fiction story they’ve developed. 

 Would you like to take your writing to the next level, and could use some expert help? 

Allow me to introduce you to my friend Kathy Harris. If you’re an aspiring writer looking to level up your craft, Kathy is the person you want in your corner. As an accomplished author, seasoned literary agent, and forty years of experience in Nashville’s and LA’s music industry,  Kathy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Her own journey as a writer has been inspiring, and she has a unique gift for nurturing talent and helping writers find their voice.

Kathy isn’t just a mentor; she’s a beacon of encouragement and insight. I’ve personally witnessed her dedication to supporting writers as they navigate the challenges and joys of the creative process. Her wisdom and guidance have been instrumental in shaping my own writing journey, and I’m thrilled to share her expertise with you.

Legal Shield

“Living Wills, Power of Attorney, Wills, Traffic Tickets, Business Disputes, Filing for Disability—the list is endless of things that require the skills of an attorney.

Can you afford to pay for those services as a caregiver?

Can you afford to deal with them alone?

In this clip from the show, I share my personal experience with an affordable solution I’ve been using for more than a decade. Just recently, this solution came to my rescue. It’s not just a service; it’s a lifeline for caregivers like us.

For less than the price of a combo meal each week …you, as a caregiver, can have access to a full legal team to help handle the crazy and overwhelming things slamming into you regularly. I tested it on myself first …and guess what? It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”