While a change of scenery can ease the heartache and struggles of our lives, it’s pointless if we pack our resentments and bitterness for the trip. We live ninety miles north of one of the most beautiful places in the world: Yellowstone National Park. Yet, despite Yellowstone National Park’s pristine and soul-stirring beauty, visitors still bring their drama to the faraway fields of bison and Old Faithful. A sad set of statistics for the world’s first national park is the number of drunk drivers and domestic abuse cases handled yearly.

Park rangers will undoubtedly affirm that people pack their strife with them—misery’s jurisdiction doesn’t end at any park’s borders.

It’s hard to imagine saving up all year long and going to the trouble of traveling so far, only to end up standing in front of one of the federal judges in the park.

While tempted to express disapproval of those arrested for such things in Yellowstone Park, how is that different for many caregivers who think a change of scenery—or circumstances—can serve as an antidote for discord?

Yet, if misery can be carried, it can also be put down.

There is no vacation destination that will cure bitterness. The spectacular cannot accomplish what we refuse to implement. We can better appreciate the beauty in different locations once we choose to experience them in our current situation.

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