Peter Rosenberger often refers to himself as the “Crash-test Dummy of Caregivers!” With nearly forty years of experience, Peter has navigated the challenging path of a family caregiver and humorously admits he’s had ample time to make nearly every mistake a caregiver can make.

“I’m kind of the Wile E. Coyote of caregivers,” he jokes.

Peter’s journey with his wife Gracie has been extraordinary. They have faced a medical odyssey involving over 85 operations, the amputation of both of Gracie’s legs, treatments from more than 100 doctors across 13 hospitals, interactions with seven medical insurance companies, and $15 million in medical bills. Yet, through all this, Peter strives to produce, thrive, and live life with passion while helping others do the same.

A prolific writer, Peter has published four books and penned hundreds of commentaries in outlets such as Guideposts, AARP, Fox News, Tribune Media, The Christian Post, WebMD, Gannett News Services, and many more. An accomplished pianist and award-winning composer, Peter has produced two CDs and performed for tens of thousands. From their home in Montana, Peter enjoys snowmobiling, skiing, horseback riding, and fishing.

As founder and leader of Standing with Hope Inc., a nonprofit that provides prosthetic limbs to people in developing countries, he aims to help those in need.

Peter’s infectious humor and openness bring hope and laughter to the difficult world of caregiving. He speaks on a wide range of topics, including healthcare, finances, caregivers in the workplace, facing adversity, thriving as a caregiver, and family relationships.

Since 2013, Peter has shared his message of health and hope on his weekly radio show, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER, which launched on 1510 WLAC (iHeart) in Nashville. In September 2017, his show became the first syndicated program for caregivers and now airs on more than 200 stations.

Peter’s latest book, “A MINUTE FOR CAREGIVERS – When Every Day Feels Like Monday,” targets America’s 65+ million family caregivers. Through his program and podcast, Peter equips fellow caregivers to understand that the goal “…isn’t to feel better, it’s to BE better.”

Combining his immense experience with compassion and insights, Peter brings astonishing clarity to the complex challenges faced by family caregivers. Driven by his deep faith, Peter is dedicated to empowering caregivers to navigate their journeys with confidence and hope.

“I’m a new caregiver and am so thankful to have found Peter’s podcast as I think it may save me some of the grief that others have gone through. It is opening my eyes on what to look out for, how to navigate caretaking, and how to most definitely keep tethered to God.” — Jody, Rogers, AR