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Peter Rosenberger, a dedicated caregiver to his wife living with severe disabilities, inspires and equips fellow caregivers through radio, books, and speaking engagements. Drawing upon four decades as a caregiver, Peter offers guidance and unwavering hope to those struggling with the complexities of caregiving.

Meet Peter

“The authority for the troubled heart of the family caregiver.”

Peter Rosenberger’s life story is one of resilience and dedication. Born into a background that nurtured compassion, he married Gracie in 1986, a few years after her life was dramatically altered by a car accident. Her severe injuries led to a lifetime of health issues, including 86 surgeries and, eventually, the amputation of both legs below the knee.

While Gracie continues to face increasing medical challenges, Peter presses on, navigating the intricacies of the American healthcare system amid substantial hurdles. Nevertheless, his determination is unwavering, and his hardwon experience provides a clear perspective on his and other caregivers’ difficulties.

In the face of extreme adversity, Peter found his calling—not just as one who cares for a chronically impaired loved one but in offering his insights to countless others who struggle in similar situations. He founded “Hope for the Caregiver,” a radio show aimed at providing support, encouragement, and clarity to fellow caregivers. Through his program and his writing, Peter shares his experiences and insights on navigating the complex world of caregiving. As Gracie envisions the prosthetic ministry (Standing With Hope) that the two of them founded to place quality prosthetic limbs on her fellow amputees, Peter works to equip his fellow caregivers with what is necessary for each of them to stand with hope.

Peter Rosenberger’s Podcasts

With over 800 episodes and 250,000+ downloads, Hope for the Caregiver is a staple for family caregivers who feel burned out, overwhelmed, and isolated.

Radio Show

Heard weekly on more than 200 stations, Hope for the Caregiver remains the world’s largest broadcast for family caregivers.

Standing With Hope

A week after relinquishing her remaining leg, Gracie Rosenberger blurted out to Peter (while she still recovered in the hospital), “I know what I’m going to do!”
Admittedly a bit startled, Peter cautiously asked, “And what would that be?”
“I’m going to put prosthetic limbs on my fellow amputees and point them to Christ.”
For nearly twenty years, Gracie and Peter have done just that through the non-profit they established, “Standing With Hope.”

Listen to the story.

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Books and Music

A Minute for Caregivers

Family caregivers struggle with keeping their heads above water while caring for an impaired loved one. Most caregivers feel their well-being is sacrificed for the well-being of their loved ones. Hanging on until their loved one passes away is simply not acceptable for a caregiver to live a healthy life.

Hope for the Caregiver

In HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER, Peter targets the vast population of America’s 65 million volunteer caregivers of vulnerable loved ones. Bringing his lifetime of experience, he offers a lifeline to fellow caregivers.

7 Caregiver Landmines

Drawing upon his vast experience as the self- proclaimed “Crash Test Dummy of Caregivers,” Peter identifies seven caregiver landmines that can wreak havoc in a caregiver’s life. Furthermore, these landmines can also affect the life of the caregiver’s vulnerable loved one.

Gracie – Standing With Hope

From the roadside of a tragic car accident, to equipping amputees in West Africa to walk on prosthetics, to performing for the President of the United States, Gracie-Standing With Hope takes readers on an extraordinary journey of loss, sorrow, strength, courage, and faith.

Speaking Engagements

Peter Rosenberger blends outrageous humor with poignant insights, captivating tens of thousands with his talks on overcoming adversity. As a keynote speaker, he entertains, inspires, and provides practical wisdom for navigating life’s challenges.

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